Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three weeks of crazy

It's been fun and busy and crazy.  Here is quick run down of what we have done.

     Thursday, September 29 - Took the funicular up to the Gurten, then spent the rest of the day seeing Bern.
On the streets of Bern with the Munster Cathedral in the background.

Train ride at the Gurten.

     Friday, Septemeber 30 -   Babysat all day, Jen and Ty went to Lausanne.

     Saturday, October 1 - We all went to Lauterbrunnen and then had lunch at the Shilthorn.   Then went to Gimmelwald and bought a ton of cheese.
In Murren on the way to the Schilthorn.

This was the cutest little cheese hut in Gimmelwald.

Sunday, October 2 - Babysat James, tried to watch conference,  Jen and Ty went to Murten with Thatcher.

Monday, October 3 - The kids and I babysat the boys while Jen and Ty went to Gruyere.

Tuesday, October 4 - All but Keith went to Ballenburg, a huge open air museum, took a boat across Lake Brienze.
These are the chickens that were running all around until James started going after them.
They were all hiding from James.

Some of the trains have family areas where the kids can play.

Wednesday, October 5 - We all went back to Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen and watched Ty paraglide off the mountain and past the waterfalls of Lauterbrunnen. Then we went to Trummelbach falls and had lunch.

Thursday, October 6 - Babysat all day, James was sick, our apartment's washing machine has been broken for a week.  Jen and Ty went to the Matterhorn.  They were able to see it perfectly (not always possible). 

Friday, October 7 - Did laundry at Monique's, Jen and Ty stayed in Bern and took the boys to the zoo, it was cold and rainy.  It was the first bad weather since Jenny had been here.

Saturday, October 8 - Keith and I babysat while Jen and Tyler spent the day in Lucern.  

Sunday, Oct. 9 - Went to church, to Zolikofen to see the Temple, to the Rose Gardens.

Monday, October 10 - Kelly and Josh babysat while Jen and I went to Zurich to drop Tyler off at the airport.  Jen and I spent the day touring Zurich, beautiful city, and had a great day. That afternoon we all went into Bern and Josh and Thatcher became quite the attraction as they ran through the fountains. James was a side attraction as he ran around naked (not through the fountains).

Tuesday, October 11 - Jen and I took the four kids to Basel.  It was a beautiful hour train ride, amazing city, great zoo.

Wednesday, October 12 - We all took a train to Thun, a boat ride across lake Thun to Spieze, had a great lunch by the lake and played at a fun playground, took the boat back across the lake, and took the train home.

Thursday, October 13 - Went to the Temple with Jenny and my friend Lori while Kelly babysat.  

Friday, October 14 - I babysat while Jenny and Kelly spent the day shopping in Bern and going out to lunch.

Saturday, October 15 - We left Jen and the boys at home. (Jenny's Swiss pass expired on Wednesday and it is now very expensive for her to travel around.) Keith, the kids and I  took a boat from Thun to Interlaken. The leaves are beginning to change and it was beautiful.  Had lunch in Lauterbrunnen and headed home through Grindlewald.
 (Not to be confused with Gimmelwald

Sunday, October 16 - Made it through very little of church before we came home and put the boys to bed.  Kelly had a raclette dinner and a fireside with the youth.  
( only three other girls and two boys)

Monday, October 17 - Kids are back in school after a three week break.  Kelly and Josh were actually quite excited to go back to school.  Is that a reflection on how much they love school or how much they don't like all the craziness?  Kelly babysat in the afternoon so Jenny and I could go off in search of ingredients for some recipes.

Tuesday, October 18 - Keith left to go to Neurenberg for three days.  Jenny spent the day in Geneva with an old missionary companion, and I stayed home and played outside with the boys.  

Wednesday, Today - catching up on my blog.  
We finally have a washing machine after two weeks.


  1. How fun that looks!!! And Exhausting!!! Love you guys. Cheri

  2. I absolutely love your posts and pictures and can't get enough of them! I'm so glad you went to Grindelwald! I've always wanted to go there as it comes *so* highly recommended by my dad. Be sure to go to as many Christkindlemarkts as you can as the holidays approach. I think my group went to the one in Nurnberg. If you get a chance to go to Nurnberg, I remember the Spielzeugmuseum (toy museum covering 3,000 years) with great fondness. (I even bought a big poster there which I *still* hope to frame someday.) :)
    Also so glad Jenny and Jana were able to visit! So fun!
    Viel Spass!