Sunday, July 15, 2012

On my own

Hi, it's Keith writing. 
Dru, Kelly, and Josh abandoned me and went to the U.S.
So Saturday, I went for a walk. 

Kandersteg village, pop. 966

Oeschinensee, (180 degrees panorama)

Northwest side of Bl├╝mlisalp

Lots of waterfalls...

OeschinenseeView from the East End

why the cheese is good

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cousins are the Best!

It has been a fun week with my sisters four kids.  Sunday was church, it rained all day, some went to the temple, some took walks, all got very wet.  Monday and Tuesday the Garfields did a lot of hiking in the Berner Oberland area.  Both nights were spent watching the European Soccer Tournament.  Wednesday Jake and Gail flew home and Emily, Meg, Kelly, Josh and I went to the chocolate factory.  Not surprisingly, going to a place that gives you all the chocolate you can stuff in your mouth is always fun.  Afterward, we went to the awesome hill top town of Gruyere.  Kelly and Josh have so much fun with their cousins.  They said the best part of the whole day was playing charades on the trains.  Don't mind us as we stand in the isle of the train acting out American movies and I'm sure yelling out our guesses much louder than we should.
Josh and Jake - Go Spain

Kelly and Josh's last day of school was today.  It is amazing to me what they have endured this past year.  It has been really fun, really exciting, and really, really, difficult.  I think this next year will be much easier and we are all looking forward to it.  Kelly, Josh, and I leave Monday morning for Los Angeles.  We are going to miss Keith and even though he is happy to stay in the beautiful mid seventy degree weather instead of the blazing heat of California and Arizona, he is sad we are leaving.  We will spend a week with Ryan and his family, a week at our cabin in Sedona with Ryan and Jenny and their families, then Kelly will go to Salt Lake and Josh and I will spend a week with Jenny in Flagstaff.  Then I will have a glorious week in Phoenix without children and then we will all spend a few days together before we fly out of Phoenix.  I am so excited to meet Hunter and Hadley and see Jen's boys.  It will be very interesting to see if a month in the states will make us more homesick when we come back to Switzerland, or more appreciative of this great opportunity.