Monday, December 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Not

For the past fifty years Christmas has always been about the tree, decorations, gifts, family, friends, and so forth.  For the first time ever I have no tree, no decorations, and just a few little things for the kids.  Not sure yet how I feel about all this.  We are leaving in two days for Paris.  That should be magical.  We will spend a week with just the four of us (no friends, no family).  That should be interesting.  And we will have to find new ways to make it memorable and spiritual without all the trimmings and usual hubbub. 
That may be difficult, we'll see how it goes.

This Saturday we spent the day in Montreaux.  There is a huge Christmas Festival there and I was hoping it would help us all feel a little Christmas Spirit.  It was cold and wet, but we had a nice time.  We rode the Ferris wheel that gave us great views of Lake Geneve and we found a warm lodge to have bratwurst and raclette for lunch.  It had been snowing in Bern that morning and by the time we headed back to Bern everything was covered in white and the train ride home was spectacular.

Walking to the train Saturday morning
Lake Geneve

We watched the glass blowers for the longest time - amazing

Raclette for lunch again.

Freddie Mercury

The tree outside our front windows

During the week Josh had a school program in the evening.  They sang songs, recited poems, and did skits.  It was dark in the room and the only lighting was a bunch of candles.  Many of the kids and even the teachers played instruments and Josh played the xylophone.  I thought it was a beautiful Christmas program.  When I got home I googled German Christmas songs because I wanted to hear some of the songs again.  That's when Josh explained to me that the program was on their unit on stars, the moon, etc. and had nothing to do with Christmas.  I was wondering where the wise men were?  
The language barrier can be very difficult.

Last Saturday the ward had a beautiful Christmas Party with a delicious dinner, a nice program, and even Santa came.  Now this one was definitely about Christmas.


  1. I wish you were here for Christmas. It really isn't going to be the same without. Or rather, I wish we were all in Paris for Christmas. That would probably get me over my homesickness of missing you. I hope it works for you! Love you.

  2. Can we go to Paris with you? We love reading of your adventures and seeing all the beautiful pictures, not only of the scenery, but the kids and your selves as well. I guess the first Christmas away from friends and extended family is the hardest. Hope your trip will be very Christmasieish!
    Love all of you.

  3. The not Christmas program made me laugh. I bet josh was the star of the show no matter what the program was. I hope you are having a fabulous time in Paris.

  4. Raclette is my favorite!!!! Paris is my other favorite!!! Have fun!!!
    Hope your Christmas was merry. I'm jealous of the downsize!!!!!