Monday, February 27, 2012

One of the payoffs

In the past eight months I have often felt sorry for my kids and their lack of social interaction since we've moved.  In Salt Lake, Josh would play with friends almost every day after school.  Kelly would always spend the weekend with friends and they both had a huge group of kids their age just around the corner.  They were busy playing water polo, swimming, tennis, baseball, dance, piano lessons, voice lessons, ....

Since we have moved to Switzerland it is just the four of us.  No lessons and very little time with others outside the family. I have felt that we wouldn't survive. The fighting seemed worse than before - of course it was, we were never apart, we all share one bathroom, and live on top of each other.  But the other day made me realize something.   We will survive and by the end of the two years we all may be much better off.

Kelly and Josh came home for lunch, as they do every day, and after they ate they both disappeared.  I assumed that they were in their rooms but after too much silence I went to find them and this is what I saw.

Kelly was helping Josh with his homework.  Miracles do happen and sometimes it takes desperate measures to remind our kids that siblings can be our best friends.  

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  1. LOVE! And look at my beautiful niece and nephew. Adorable!