Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lake Gevena, Lausanne, & Paddle Boats

Kelly had her first school dance on Thursday night and even though there was a lot more watching of soccer than dancing, she had a great time.
Kelly and two of her best friends.  Vaithi and Tashi 

My nieces and nephew have had three beautiful days of sunshine.  They saw the Matterhorn, took a boat across Lake Thun, toured Luzern, rode the train up Mount Riggi, and have had a great time.  Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain the next ten days. Saturday, Keith was sick, but the rest of us took the train to Lausanne.  We grabbed some groceries for lunch and then rented two paddleboats on Lake Geneva.  We all had the best time and it was hilarious to watch my sister's adult children play Pirate Ship.  From there they all went to Chateau de Chillon and Kelly, Josh and I headed home.  

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  1. That paddle boat looks amazing!! AND I love the rompers on Kel and Em