Sunday, July 15, 2012

On my own

Hi, it's Keith writing. 
Dru, Kelly, and Josh abandoned me and went to the U.S.
So Saturday, I went for a walk. 

Kandersteg village, pop. 966

Oeschinensee, (180 degrees panorama)

Northwest side of Blümlisalp

Lots of waterfalls...

OeschinenseeView from the East End

why the cheese is good


  1. Beautiful pictures Keith! Hope you're doing well on your own, take care!

  2. Keith, I think it is lousy that they abandoned you - but we are happy here in Phoenix that we get to see your family. Beautiful pictures... enjoy the peace and quiet!

  3. Love the post!!! keep it up!!! Cheri

  4. Can't wait to see some of those scenes ourselves in September. Great photography,