Sunday, January 27, 2013

All About Josh

I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the amount of time I get to spend with my kids.  Life has never, and will never be like this again.  (Sometimes that's what gets me through.)  The kids are both home everyday at noon. Kelly goes back  to school at 1:45 four days a week and Josh only two.  This leaves a lot of one on one time for Josh and I.  We've been taking walks a lot, going ice skating at least once a week, and we have decided that Fridays will be our adventure day.  This Friday we grabbed a kebab at the train station and had lunch on our way to Gimmelwald. The views were beautiful in the winter and Josh and I had fun talking to some skiers who were up there for a huge ski race on Saturday. Friday and Saturday night It was just Josh and I again as Kelly and Keith were preparing for and attending a stake youth dance.
Sunday, Josh and Nathan gave the sharing time in Primary. Josh had been working on it all month and put a ton of time into the preparations.  It was great.         
On our walks Josh will play forever in the ice.  It's kind of like taking your dog for a walk.  Come on Josh, get away from the water, let's keep walking.

Ice skating with Kelly and Josh.
The Ka Wa De is a huge outdoor rink and there are seldom many other skaters.
Lunch on the train.
Here Boy!
Gimmelwald in winter.
Frozen waterfalls

Another thing I love about Switzerland.  There are a bunch of places around where you will see fruit or vegetables for sale and there is just a sign with the cost and a box for the money.  There is a store in Gimmelwald that sells souvenirs, candy, ice cream, and other things and you again just write down what you buy and then put the money in the box.

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