Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Barcelona's Beautiful Beaches

I had no idea that Barcelona had miles and miles of sandy white beaches and the bluest water I have ever seen.  We rented electric scooters today and rode for two hours along the boardwalk.  It was safe and easy.  They had paths just for bikes and things were pretty quiet today along the beach.  Toward the end of our ride the wind picked up and after two hours we were all ready to drop off the scooters and get some lunch.

We had a swan for lunch and then took the metro to the Sagrada Familia.  Keith and I had seen it about eight years ago and unfortunately there is a lot more scaffolding around the exterior at the moment.  We bought a ticket to go up the towers but it was so windy we didn't really enjoy the views.  The basilica was amazing and we all enjoyed the colors and the cool details of this amazing piece of art.

We are in one of the most beautiful basillica's in the world and guess who is playing on her i-pod.

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