Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beaches of Normandy

Saturday we went to the beaches of Normandy. We first visited Longues-sur-mer, where there is a preserved German gun battery. We visited the American cemetery at Omaha beach. The grounds there were beautiful, and the exhibits very well done. There were films and personal stories of self-sacrifice and heroism that made a deep connection. We walked along Omaha beach. We went to Pointe-du-Hoc, with more ruined bunkers. We drove along the coast through the other landing beaches -- Gold, Juno, Sword and saw the monuments, tanks, guns, leftover equipment and relics.    Today there are cafes, windsurfers, fishing boats mixed with the reminders of the war. 
It was the most poignant day -- the children were very interested in the stories behind these places.  We all thought it was a great experience. 

German Defenses, Longues-sur-Mer

Memorial at the American Cemetery

"The Brave," tribute to Americans who landed at St. Laurent sur Mer, Normandy.
Pointe du Hoc
Memorial to the US Rangers at Pointe du Hoc

One of the floating docks from Arromanches - temporary port created by British an 1944 
Anti-aircraft guns at Arromanches
Canadian mine-sweeper at Juno beach 
Saint Auban sur Mer

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