Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So Much to Look Forward to -

When we have regular weeks like this past one there is not much to highlight on my blog and I don't often take pictures of the day to day stuff.  But I wish I did.  Yesterday as I was driving with my friend Lori over one of the beautiful bridges in Bern the view of the Alps literally took my breath away.  The skies were so blue and with the Aare so turquoise and then the snow capped mountains - I wished I had my camera and could share what I saw.
I also wish I had brought my camera Saturday night when we went to dinner at my friend Monique's house.  She had a beautiful table set outside with sunflowers and an array of goodies.  They had constructed an awning to protect us from the predicted rain.  We had the most amazing meal with five different kinds of meats, wonderful salads and breads, and incredible desserts.  Unfortunately the rains did come and even though we were protected for awhile, a huge gust of wind tumbled it all down and we had to run inside for cover.  It was a wonderful evening, thanks to Monique and Hans.
Another highlight of the week was that Keith gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and he gave it in German.  How amazing is that, and it was amazing.

So even though the last week was a little slow, this is what I am looking forward to and I will definitely bring my camera for it all:
-Keith and I leave Thursday night, take a private sleeper car to Vienna.  Spend two days in Vienna, then take a train to Prague where we have three more days.
-Mike and Becky Richards come and we look forward to spending some time with them.
-Keith's parents come and stay with us for two weeks.  The kids and Keith will have one of the two weeks off to travel nonstop.  We can not wait! They leave Friday September 28th.
-Keith and Josh have a Father/Son camp out Friday night.
-Carolee and Doug Romney come to stay at our place.  We will only have 24 hours with them, but Kelly and I are extra excited to see Carolee.  They come Saturday.
-We leave Sunday to spend two weeks in England and Scotland.
-During the time we are gone Susan and Brad Andrews are coming to share our flat with the Romney's.  Unfortunately our paths won't cross with the Andrews.

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  1. What a wonderful desccription of your week. I can just look at your slideshow on the right there and see all your beautiful pictures. Besides, you're too busy living life to document every moment, right :) But I love it when you do! Love and miss you guys always!