Friday, August 17, 2012

Stresa, Italy

Wednesday Andrea and Ken Wilkinson came to Bern and it was so nice to see them.  We walked around Bern a little and then headed back to our house for our traditional raqulette dinner.  After dinner we took the funicular up to the Gurten, visited and walked around there for awhile.  They headed back to Zurich that evening but it was great fun to see them.

Friday Keith was ready for an adventure.  The kids and I have been going non stop but poor Keith felt like his summer was too short.  We found a great place to stay right on the shore of Lake Maggiore.  It had an amazing pool right on the lake and because it was in Italy, the food was fairly cheap and delicious.

What is it about Josh and gelatto - Look at his face, SERIOUSLY!

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  1. I don't exactly know where this is...I will be doing some research, but all I can say is...I want to go here! This looks amazing...and not just the gelatto!! Although I could plan a trip around just that!