Sunday, June 9, 2013

Luzern, Aareschlucht, & Reichenbachfall

Josh has had a great scout experience here in Switzerland. He was able to join as soon as he turned 11 and has already advanced to 2nd class. Wednesday night there was a court of honor with  his scout troop, and it was fun to get pictures of the whole group. 

Thursday night we got Chinese take-out, and sat at a park overlooking the Aare river. Afterwards, the kids played a mean game of Chess.

Friday Josh and I took the train to Luzern, and then a boat over to a recreation area on Lake Luzern. The water was 15 C, but we were warm enough to go in the water anyways.  Luckily the pool was heated.  We had dinner at the restaurant on the lake, and even though the food was gross, the views made up for it. 

Saturday we had three things to check off our bucket list. Aareschlucht, Gelmerbahn, and Reichenbach falls.  We only made it to two. 
The Aare gorge is a slot-canyon cut in the granite and limestone rocks by the upper Aare river.  There is a walking path poked into the sidewall of the rock, just above the water, so that tourists can walk all the way through the gorge without getting their feet wet.  At its narrowest, it is one meter from side to side. 

Reichenbach falls is where Sherlock Holmes met his doom.  Professor Moriarty tried to kill his nemesis Holmes, but they both went over the falls together.  In Meiringen there are hotels, museums, statues, all dedicated to Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes.   We took a funicular train up to the falls, then hiked further to the top to get ice creams. It's amazing how far the kids will go for an ice cream. 

Tower Falls

Reichenbach Falls

The funicular up to the falls.
Lake Biel 
There were so many water falls on the train route.

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