Saturday, June 15, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

#1 &  #2    The Brady's and s'mores.  
I have always loved chocolate and marshmallows, but I love the Brady's even more.  Last Sunday we went into the forest and made s'mores.
Dan has been a great scout leader and church leader to my kids.  Lori has been a great friend.

Erin and Kelly.  Erin has been an outstanding example to Kelly.
Josh and Nathan.  Nathan has been Josh's best friend these past two years.

#3  Castles
Friday night Kelly went with the Brady's and the youth in our ward (6 in all) camping.  Saturday they all went to a rope park and then the girls went to Zurich for a BYU dance performance.  We got to have Nathan for the night which is always fun.  Saturday afternoon Keith, Josh, and I headed out to find the castle that we always see on our way to Zurich.  It was as impressive close up as it is from the train.

Castle near Olten

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