Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Bye Switzerland

I spent most of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday packing and cleaning.  The kids have been swimming with friends every day.  Today we went with the Brady's and the Reading's to Grindelwald and rode Trotti Bikes down the hill.  It was our last adventure and it was tough to realize - this is it.  Tomorrow the furniture gets picked up by those that have bought or been given stuff.  We will have dinner with Lori and her family.   Sunday we will clean all day and then go to my dear friend Monique's house for dinner.  Monday morning we will check out of our flat.  Keith will have a friend of ours take him and all the big suitcases to a hotel by the Zurich airport.  The kids and I will take the train because there will not be enough room in the car.  Tuesday morning we will fly to Iceland, then Denver, and then home.

I can not believe two years have gone by so quickly.  I will so miss my friends here and the things we have seen and experienced over the past two years, but I am so excited to return to my old life.  It has been more difficult than I ever would have imagined - mostly in the beginning.  But it has been more wonderful than I ever dreamed of.

Good-bye Switzerland, good-bye blogging
Josh and Romain

Two of my Besties - Renate and Lori
Josh and Nathan


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  1. Reading that just made me so sad. I can't believe it really is over. I'm so excited you are coming though. We are ready to have our Nana back