Saturday, July 6, 2013


 Friday, June 28th the kids had a carnival at their school.  Josh performed with his class and Kelly painted faces.  The next day we had planned an outing with friends but it rained all day and we had to cancel.

The school has two pigs as mascots.

 The next week was the kids last week of school.  They had a lot of fun activities and good-bye parties. Tuesday after school Josh and I went to Kanderstagg where we picked up Nathan.  Nathan was with his parents and brother at scout camp and we brought him back to spend the night. We hiked a little, went on a ropes course and had dinner with all the scouts.

Saturday Kelly went to the temple and then had a barbeque and swam with all the kids in the ward.  Keith, Josh and I took the train to Gadman and then a cable car up the mountain, and then hiked two hours to get to the Trift Bridge.  The Trift Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps.  We walked over the bridge, had lunch, took a nap, then hiked back.  The bridge is over a beautiful glacier and the views were spectacular.

The bridge from a distance.

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