Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Brienze

     Friday, we went back to the used furniture store that I had been to earlier in the week and bought more junk.  I'm afraid that's what it is, junk, but it was cheaper than what we had planned to buy at IKEA and now looking back, not necessarily smarter.  Saturday, we went to IKEA  and bought all the other stuff we need for our new flat.  We now have two deliveries coming on Friday, the junk that I shouldn't have bought, and the IKEA furniture that won't go with all the junk.  Oops.  To top it all off, the owner of the flat we are currently in just stopped by and said if we wanted any of this furniture, we could have most of it for FREE.  Oops again.
      Sunday after church we took a train to Interlaken and then a boat across Lake Brienze.  The kids and I had already taken this trip, but Keith needed to see it for himself.  It was beautiful.

In the town of Brienze there was this cool water sculptor .

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