Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Last Week of Summer

     This week has flown by.  Monday we got settled after our fun weekend get away.  Tuesday morning Kelly's friend Lara came to spend the night.  They walked to the bakery to have breakfast, then we all went downtown where Josh and I left them to shop and have lunch.  Wednesday, we all had a picnic by the Munster Cathedral and played ping-pong, our new favorite past time.  Wednesday night members from our new bishopric came over and we had a nice visit.  Thursday we spent the day at the pool, then Keith and I left the kids and went to IKEA.  I finished using my gift card that my sweet friends gave me as a going away gift.  Thank you again.
      Friday, we had to go to our old flat to pick up mail and then stopped in at the kids neighborhood school.  They won't start school at the local school until they have had ten weeks of language class.  School begins for them on Monday.  We will take a bus to downtown Bern than another out to Spitalacker where they will be in school every day from 8:20 - 11:50.  I will then pick them up and we will head home for the day.  Kelly has already learned so much and I am assuming that by the end of the ten weeks they will both be speaking a lot, or at least understanding a lot of German.

Shopping in Bern.  Lara, Kelly, Josh
There are often street performers downtown and this was a particularly fascinating group.

Inside the Munster Cathedral
Running through the fountains after our picnic.

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  1. Are you having fun yet? Keep those posts coming. We are loving reading about your exciting adventures. Good luck to Josh and Kelly in their new school experience.