Sunday, August 7, 2011

Locarno and Ascona

      Sunday we planned on taking Rick Steve's walking tour of Lugano, but is was raining.  Instead we took a train to Locarno where the Locarno Film Festival was taking place.  We hoped to see Harrison Ford who was there, but no such luck.  Locarno is just an hour from Lugano and has it's own beautiful lake.  We then took a bus to Ascona, which a friend had recommended, walked around the lake and had lunch.  The train ride home was incredible.  We took the scenic route through small Italian villages and parts of the Alps that were amazing.  Good thing we grabbed our passports, when we got on the train we didn't realize we were actually going to be crossing the border into Italy.


View from the train from Locarno to Brigg.

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