Saturday, January 28, 2012

Balloon Festival - Chateaux D'Oex

My friend Monique and I spent the last weekend in January at the International Balloon Festival.  Friday afternoon we grabbed lunch and ate on the train.  The train ride was so beautiful as we wound our way through the canyon, past Gstaad, and to a town a short train ride from the festival. As we arrived in Chateaux D'Oex it was snowing and we were terribly disappointed when we were told that all the festivities for the evening were cancelled because of the snow.  Luckily, we asked a more official looking person that told us things were not cancelled and pointed us to the hill that would give us the best view.  It was freezing and the clouds made the visibility poor, but the evening was still quite spectacular.  They played ABBA  on the loud speaker that was amazingly clear, skiers with lights skied down the mountains, skydivers flew down from the sky with pyrotechnics, and the fireworks were incredible.  If only the sky had been clearer.

The church on the hill from where we watched the festivities.
A window display of the Festival 
Monique in front of the church on the hill.
A tree on the hill at night.

Saturday we woke up to more snow but headed back to the festival to see some of the balloons.  It was a fun little getaway and the little that we saw made me realize it is a must  do for next year with the family - if the weather is good.

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