Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Sunny Days than Cloudy Ones

We are three weeks into January, the holidays are over, the weather is colder than ever, but for me - the sun is finally coming out.  I don't know if it's getting over the holiday homesickness or that with time things are just getting easier or if it's because my friends Lori and Monique have been giving me the lift I need with our morning walks, but things are definitely getting better.  Keith and the kids have spent the past two Saturdays sledding and skiing without me, but I finally got some good ski clothes and tomorrow we are all headed for Zermatt to go skiing for a few days.

Saturday, January 7, Keith and the kids took the sleds we had bought in France the week earlier and headed for the hills.  They found a place to sled but it wasn't near as great as the place we had gone a few weeks before.  Our weeks seem to fly by with homework, German class, Young women activities and now Josh is beginning a Judo class.

Sunday after church Keith and Josh spent a few hours exploring Thun.

Saturday, January 14, Keith and the kids went skiing for the first time since we've been here.  They had a great day and I got some much needed washing, shopping and cleaning done.  It was sunny and warm and the snow was great but Kelly was most excited about the raclette they had for lunch.


  1. What a total blast! I saw Kelly post about skiing the alps the other day! Raclette, mmmm. Time is flying way to fast. Thanks for the email on flight info. Things have been a little crazy around here, I want to take a break and fly over tomorrow!

  2. anxiously awaiting another post...