Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zermatt in the Winter

We spent a weekend in Zermatt in July and it was beautiful, I was there for the day with Jana in November and the colors were spectacular,
 but nothing compares to how magical it is in the winter time.

We arrived in Zermatt Friday night and when we got off the train it was snowing and beautiful.  We took a crazy, golf cart like taxi to the hotel.  The driver was zipping along the snow covered streets as fast as he could and didn't seem to mind that people were diving into snowbanks to get out of his way.  We checked into our room, which was bigger than our apartment at home.  Two bedrooms, kitchen, family room and the best thing ever- two bathrooms.  We had a delicious four course dinner with the rest of Keith's co-workers at the hotel restaurant and then headed off to bed.  

Saturday morning we had a great breakfast at the hotel and then a snowball fight as we headed back to our room.  The weather was not great, and most lifts were closed, so I decided to postpone skiing. The kids and Keith had a great day on the slopes and I walked around town, had a crepe for lunch, and relaxed on my deck that overlooked the creek.  It was cold sitting out there but the view and the sound of the creek was worth it.   That evening we all got together for another great meal of raclette.  After dinner we went back to our room and watched movies all night.

Sunday we woke up to a beautiful, mostly sunny day.  Kelly's feet were killing her from her ski boots and even though Keith offered, I stayed back with her.  Keith and Josh had a perfect day skiing.  Kelly and I watched a movie on my lap top with some friends and then went into town.  It was a gorgeous day and the Matterhorn got clearer as the day went on.

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  1. I remember so much about Zermatt. The church where Kelly is sitting on the steps, the river, the amazing beautiful mountains. What fun to share that with your kids! Lucky