Monday, March 19, 2012

No title, No pictures, Just day to day boring stuff.

March 14 - The weather is gorgeous.  Spent the day doing wash and sitting outside soaking up the sun and reading a book about women of the New Testament for Relief Society.  Kelly and Josh went outside after school to play badminton, miracles never cease.  Josh went with Jack to baseball and Kelly met Lara downtown to hang out and then later met Erin on the tram to go to Young Women's.  Keith and I spent the evening alone planning our next trip that will be here before we know it.  My plan was to take the train to Rome and spend Sunday and Monday seeing the sights in Rome, that is before I realized it was Easter.  Oops, plan B.

March 15 - Jack and Maggie spent the evening with us.  We had soy chicken and rice, played outside, and then came in and had an impromptu talent show.  Kelly danced. Keith and Maggie played the piano, I clapped with one hand, and Jack and Josh did Judo and wrestling moves.

March 16 - Josh went rollerblading with Matia and then after dinner Keith took the kids downtown to the Museum Night.  I stayed home and baked for Saturday.

March 17 - Met Lori on the tram at 9:00 to take the train to Zolikofen with my baked goods.  We had a Stake Relief Society Conference.  Classes in the morning where I learned self defense and how to make lotion.  For lunch we had a great pot luck with foods from many different countries and then a wonderful fashion show of old wedding dresses that dated back to the 50's.  I left around 4:30 but the party continued without me.  After hanging out with the kids all day Keith needed time away so we had a nice quiet dinner in Muri.  Keith and I shared a bowl of soup and a hamburger, each had a drink, and walked out for just under forty francs.  I mention this because at home we would go out and share something and spend less than $10.  We don't do this very often in Switzerland.

March 18 - I love my ward so much.  One thing I had to adjust to is everyone hugs and kind of kisses.   Three times cheek to cheek.  It seemed awkward, especially with the men.  But now I realized it makes me feel loved and makes me feel closer to these people.  It's a wonderful tradition.  We had a special Relief Society Birthday lesson and I had to talk about women in the Old Testament.  It is so difficult to have your thoughts flow when after every sentence you have to pause while someone translates.  It was rainy and cold so after potato cheeses soup for lunch we stayed home, watched The Story of Anne Frank, and skyped with friends and family.

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  1. All sounds wonderful! Your ward, the friends, the people, the night outs. I loved talking to you the other day! What a surprise and a fun treat for me!!! Love you! Kiss Kiss Kiss ;)