Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pie, pie, me oh my

Sunday, March 25, Kelly spoke in church and did it in GERMAN.  She wrote her talk herself and I think she did a great  job.  I don't really know, I don't speak German.  After church we had the Bradys, our friend Nadine, and a girl that just moved here from Idaho for dinner.   After dinner we went on a long walk, I am appreciating this experience more each day.  Time is going so quickly.

Tuesday, the kids and I went downtown and after an hour of shopping Josh headed to Judo, Kelly headed home, and I met Keith for dinner and a long walk around Bern.  After a couple hours I called to check on Kelly and that's when I realized I had sent her home with no cell phone and no keys.  We hardly ever lock our door but I had locked it when we left.  I felt awful and I'm sure Kelly will not soon forget being locked out for two plus hours.  In fact I'm sure in a few years it will be remembered as us having left her in the freezing cold, late at night, for more than five hours.  Isn't that how these things work.

Wednesday, Keith left for a conference in Boston, Josh went to baseball, Kelly hung out downtown with Lara and then went to Young Women's.

Friday was a wonderful day.  I met Lori at the tram, we walked to Fulya's house, then drove out to the country to Lisa's.  There she taught us how to make pies.  She made a cherry pie which was the best I've ever had.  We had a lovely lunch and then each made our own pie with her supervision.  I won't tell you whose pies these are, lets just say, I need a lot of practice.

Fulya, Lori, Kelly, and Lisa the pie extraordinaire
Friday night Kelly went to a party and then spent the night at Lara's.  
Josh and I babysat six of the cutest kids ever.

Saturday Josh and I took a long bike ride, then ended up in Bern for lunch and as always an interesting multi-cultural experience.

The Rosengarten 
They had music, dancing, and great food from many different countries.

An apartment building I love close to where we live.

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  1. I have a name you know!!! Also love your pie... hahah i'm sure it tasted amazing! (this is dianne by the way)