Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Swiss Style

Last Saturday we walked to the grocery store and picked out a tree.  That is a first for us because we have never had a real tree.  The kids carried it home, another first.  All said, it took us about an hour to decorate for Christmas.  Last night after going to the Christmas Market in Bern we made a gingerbread house and a creche.  I found it so funny when we got out all the parts and we couldn't figure out how to put it together.  Kelly is reading the instructions in German and none of us have a clue.  We ended up cutting up some of the pieces to create our own creche because the parts did not match up.  Things continue to be confusing in a foreign country.

This is how our tree would have looked without friends like Monique.
And this is how it looks thanks to Monique's huge box of lights and decorations.
Bern Christmas Market
Pieces that don't make sense. 

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  1. I love it all!! How awesome is this experience! I love you all too. Hope to skype or talk to you soon. xoxo