Friday, December 21, 2012

Switzerland - not always so fine.

Last week when the kids were sledding every day and everything was covered in white, I was loving it.  Then we had six straight days of rain.  Not so fine.  Today everything is white again and the sun is out.  Weather sure effects my outlook.
It's been a busy week and I am reminded again that tasks that I would find simple to do at home, are not always simple here.  I was asked to feed 30 missionaries for the Zone Conference yesterday.  To shop, cook, store, and transport the food with a tiny refrigerator, no freezer to speak of, and no car, makes it a little more difficult.  The fun part was, I got to spend time with Rosalee's sister who is serving with her husband as mission presidents.
After the luncheon on Thursday, Keith and I went Christmas shopping and got home just in time to send Kelly and her friends off to the winter dance.
When we were shopping it was snowing and the lights were so pretty in downtown Bern.

Wednesday, Josh had his program at school that was all about the Middle Ages.  School activities here are always a unique experience to say the least.
Josh's fifth grade class.

Tuesday, my friend Lori and her wonderful daughter Erin and I went to a Hamam (a Turkish bath).  For three hours we steamed, scrubbed, soaked, sipped herbal tea, and slept.  It was really interesting and so relaxing.
Erin is home from BYU and Kelly is so happy.  We all are!

Saturday we had our Ward Christmas party with great entertainment and a lot of good food.
Santa came to our Ward Christmas Party.

Friday, Kelly and Keith went caroling with the youth and Kelly was touched that some of the older ladies cried when they sang.  People cry when I sing but I don't think it's because it sounds so beautiful.

There are so many things about Switzerland that I find interesting and I don't want to forget.  One is how they sell hard boiled eggs that are just sitting on the shelves with the rest of the eggs.  No refrigeration needed.  And they are so beautiful.

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  1. Thinking of all of you at this Christmas season! I'm glad it finally stopped raining! We love hearing about Switzerland and all the things that are so unique about it. Enjoy your holidays at this wonderful time of the year!