Friday, December 28, 2012

Frohe Weihnachten

Sunday, we had a beautiful simple Christmas meeting with the Bishopric speaking and the congregation singing many Christmas songs.   I have said this before, and I will say it again.  Everyone sings here, even the kids, and it sounds so beautiful,  but  I still miss our English hymns.  After church our friends the Bells and their five adorable children came over for dinner .
Josh and Orrin
The kids did a Nativity.  Talmage, Kelly, and Ethne
Brett, Jethro, Hazel, and Ethne singing Christmas songs.

Christmas Eve was a great day and I was so glad that Kelly convinced us to stay in Switzerland for Christmas instead of traveling somewhere. I went running in the morning, Josh played basketball in the afternoon with the Brady's and the missionaries, Keith and Kelly did some last minute shopping while I cooked,  and then we all went to the Brady's for a wonderful dinner of bruschetta, raclette, and Kristen Muir's key lime torte.
Walking to the tram with our Christmas goodies.
Erin and Kelly
Two of the funnest missionaries ever.  Elder Sonne and Elder McKee
Dan, Lori and Kent.  Three of the greatest people ever, I just think this picture makes them look like they've eaten a little too much cheese.
The Nativity

Christmas morning was quiet, relaxing, and a little dull.  Keith made us breakfast, we ate a ton of candy, and the kids stayed in their pajamas all day.  Keith and I took a long walk in the afternoon and every time I think of leaving this beautiful country I feel like crying.
Josh's favorite gift - the Bern flag

This was a letter to Santa that we found under the door of the little church pictured below.
I think this is the church of the Seven Dwarfs.

The day after Christmas we were needing to get out of the house.  We hopped on a train and headed to a town called Brugg.  Toured Hasburg castle (not much to see), had a yummy lunch in the castle restaurant and then headed home.

Brugg Train Station - So many of the train stations in Switzerland are beautiful. 
In the evening we went to the "light show" in Bern where they play music, tell a story, and project pictures on the Bundeshaus.

Thursday it rained all day.  Josh played with Nathan while the rest of us relaxed and watched movies.  Keith has the next two weeks off and he has to get in some lazy time before we leave for Rome on Monday. 

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  1. Beautiful Switzerland and good friends to share Christmas with. Could it be any better? Happy traveling.
    We Loved talking to you all last week. Happy New Year!