Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall at it's Finest

First of all - If it weren't for Kelly taking over the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing, I could not have neglected my motherly duties this past week and played with Jana 24/7.  I am so proud of Kelly and Josh for being so independent, but I am a little concerned that things seem to run even smoother when I am gone.  

Friday, we started the day with chocolate croissants and hot chocolate. Then Jana and I took a train to Fribourg, a bus to Bulle, and then another train to Gruyere.  It's not easy to get there but it is sure worth it.  We had lunch at the Maison Cheese Factory, then headed up the hill to the town of Gruyere.  Jana took a quick tour through the Geiger Museum and then we spent time at the Gruyere Castle.  I had been there in the summer but it was a whole new experience with the beautiful fall colors.


We walked and shopped in the cute town of Bulle.
The Castle of Gruyere

The town of Gruyere

The pictures do not do the colors justice.
Geiger Museum

Saturday was an extra spectacular day!  We slept in and got a late start.  Got on the train that I thought was headed to Murten, but I made my first mistake as tour guide and we ended up in Neuchatel.  We walked down to Lake Neuchatel, took a few pictures, then got on a the right train for Murten.  The best part is, we both love riding the trains and talking for hours, so it doesn't really matter where we end up.
I love the town of Murten.  It is such a beautiful little town right on the lake with quaint little shops.  We had a wonderful lunch of fresh caught fish, salad, and fries at a restaurant that overlooked the lake.  Afterward, we walked around town and Jana found some fun Christmas decorations.  We would have loved to have shopped longer but the stores closed at 4:00.  We headed home to find the family sitting  down to a nice dinner Kelly had made, a clean house , and happy kids thanks to Keith taking them to an outdoor ice rink and into the woods to build a fire and roast marshmallows.

At lunch - Is my head really twice as big as Jana's?

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