Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Grande, Majestic, Suiss Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me.  Yes it was grande - it was the big 5-0.  And yes it was majestic - the views were at least.  And yes it was in Switzerland.  But the real reason that I called it my grande, majestic suiss birthday was just because that was the name of the hotel we stayed in in Montreux.  Keith took Friday off and as soon as the kids headed off to school we headed to the train station.  It took us a few hours to get to Montreux, which is right on Lake Geneva.  We walked along the lake, had a late lunch , then sat on our balcony til the sun went down.  It was beautiful and relaxing - Thanks to my friend Lori who took my kids.  Saturday we slept late and had breakfast on the balcony.  We walked around Montreux in the afternnon and took a bus to a small town called Villeneuve. We had the best lunch at this quaint, very authentic Italian restaurant.  Then reluctantly headed home.

The Grande, Majestic, Suisse Hotel

The view from our balcony.

I finally downloaded my kids pictures from their last day of language school.

Josh and a few of his classmates.

Josh with Herr Zimmerman and Frau Grob.

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