Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let the Party Begin

Jana flew in on Sunday and even though she has only been here two days, we have had an incredible time.
  We found each other easily at the Zurich airport and then it was off to my place.

Monday we woke up on the early side, grabbed some pastries and diet cokes for breakfast and then headed to Lauterbrunnen.  The train ride is one of my favorites and riding past Lake Thun and into Interlaken was extra beautiful.  The leaves are at their peak.  We had lunch in Lauterbrunnen, sitting outside enjoying the perfect fall weather.  We split a pasta of course because I always have to split.  After a nice relaxing lunch we took the train back to Interlaken where we walked along the river and then shopped in town.  We were home by 3:30, just in time to grab Josh and go to the American Embassy for a Halloween party.  After the party Jana and I walked around downtown and stopped for a quick dinner.

Today was Jana's birthday and we made it a good one.  
We started off by going to a bakery for more pastries and then the store for some diet coke and enough chocolate to get us through a two and a half hour train ride.  We took the train to Zermatt and then walked through town and were happy that we could see even part of the Matterhorn.  On the edge of town we found a bench with a perfect view of the mountain and close to the cutest little lambs with bells.  As we sat and ate our yogurt we noticed a gondola that was heading up one side of the mountain.  We bought a ticket and took the coolest ride ever to the highest point.  It was beautiful!  We went into the Ice Caves that were really cool, and by the time we made our way down all the clouds covering the Matterhorn were gone.  We ended the day with a wonderful dinner of fondue in a cute little restaurant in Zermatt.  As we were leaving we stopped by an art gallery and Jana bought a watercolor of the Matterhorn so she can always remember how she spent her 29th birthday.  
It was a great day.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!! So fun to see and hear about your adventures together. xoxo

  2. Looks like a ton of fun!!!!! Cheri

  3. Happy 29th Jana! That is exactly how I want to spend my 29th birthday too! I can't decide if the food or the scenery sounds more delicious.

    Nicholas just sat down by me and looked through many of your pictures. He can't believe you live by the REAL Matterhorn! So much cooler than boring old utah!

  4. Wait, you mean my mom had me when she was four?!?! I am both confused and horrified by this information.

    Glad you showed her a special time on her birthday. We are all so glad that little goober was born. She is pretty special.