Monday, November 19, 2012

Chamonix, France

Keith and I went to Chamonix to spend four fabulous days without the kids.  I had done a lot of reading on the Internet to find a town with just enough to do, the perfect hotel with a swimming pool and jacuzzi (I even called the hotel to make sure both were working), and a place close enough to make it easy to get to.  We started the trip with a train detour that put us on a bus that dropped us off in the side of the street in the middle of nowhere in the cold black night, then we took an airport shuttle type van that took us to an abandoned train station, waited a half an hour for a bus and then walked in the dark, freezing cold to our hotel.  One of the two reasons we came was to take a cable car to Auguille du Midi to get the best view of Mont Blanc.  The Internet said it was open but it was closed for repairs. At least we could swim and get warm in the jacuzzi.  The pool was a small dipping pool and I guess the word jacuzzi got lost in translation.  Good thing I like to just hang out with my husband.
Mont Blanc is the rounded peak on the far right 
Aiguille du Midi - the place we expected to spend one of our days.

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