Saturday, November 10, 2012

Räbechilbi Richterswil

On Thanksgiving my family has always cooked turnips.  I have never liked turnips but I now have a whole new appreciation for them.  Saturday after spending the afternoon in a beautiful town on Lake Zug called Zug , we took a train to Richterswil and went to a Turnip Festival.  These Swiss will find any excuse to have a festival.  It was amazing.  The whole town carves turnips like you would a pumpkin but with cool designs, not scary faces.  They put out thousands of carved turnips in every window and every pathway.  Then they have a parade in the evening.  There were hundreds of kids walking around with their carved turnips, a lot of marching bands, and every light that you can see in my pictures is coming from the candles in each of the turnips.  The rest of the lights in the city were turned off.

Lake Zug
While sitting by the lake there were some firemen doing training exercises.

Zug had many beautiful cathedrals.
This tower had a nose on it.  What?

Rivella, Josh's favorite Swiss drink.  It is made from milk extract.
This is how they carve out the center of the turnip.

Josh and Orrin.  Only 50,000 people there and we ran into our friends the Bells.
How fun is that?
Orrin, Josh, and Kayli.
Jack Sparrow
Jonah and the Whale

This float actually had a moving windmill.
Ray Charles

Alfred Hitchcock
A London Double Decker

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  1. So much fun!! So awesome running into you there!!