Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Party

So what's better than entertaining five boys and having them sleep over?.... anything.  Just kidding.  Josh had a great birthday and then a great party.
 Josh has the exact same kids in his class as last year and when he walked in with the same treats as the year before, all the kids went crazy.  (Thanks to Julie Pia's Can't Leave Alone Bars, Yum.)  The teacher put a lit candle on his desk and then the kids put presents on his desk as well.  They leave the candle on his desk lit all morning.  Not something you would do in the states. 
 Speaking of things one wouldn't do in the states.  The other day his class, with one teacher, took the tram downtown, the teacher divided them into groups of three, they searched for things all over town in their groups, no parents, no teachers, no supervision, crossing streets and literally running around downtown, and then they met the teacher back at the meeting spot an hour later.  
Josh got home on his birthday at noon and then he and I went downtown for lunch.  Side note again - we split a pasta and each had a drink and it was over 30 francs.  Eating out is ridiculous here.  We then stopped by my book club that was meeting downtown and then headed home.  The plan for the evening was to have dinner at our house and then take everyone ice skating.  It was raining so after dinner we decided to stay inside and play games.  We turned off all the lights, and played hide and go seek in the dark with just one flashlight.  Our flat is tiny, but it was amazing how many great places these kids found to hide.  We piled up mattresses and did gymnastics and then we had cake and ice cream.  We had a left over cake from Kelly's birthday that I was pretty sure was too old to eat.  Before I brought out the real cake, I put candles in the yucky one and as Josh blew them out I smashed his face in it.  The kids were shocked.  They stayed up quite late watching movies and by Saturday morning I was done with birthdays and sleepovers.  Two weekends in a row was a little much.

Josh after the American Embassy Halloween Party.
Book Club
(Now you know why I never put pictures of myself on my blog.  I cut all my hair off after I saw this picture. yuck)
Noah, Jethro, Hazel, Nathan, Roman, Josh

Josh's fake cake.

Flips in the family room

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