Saturday, May 11, 2013

Besançon, France

Thursday, May 9, is Ascension Day. It is a holiday in Switzerland.  Josh had a scout camp for three days and my wonderful, wonderful friend Lori said she would take him an extra night, which meant Kelly, Keith and I would have a four day weekend.  We were looking forward to taking Kelly somewhere alone, but then she was invited to a reunion of her Easter Camp friends, which seemed a lot more fun that trudging through France with her parents. This left Keith and I with a four day weekend without kids.  Life is good.  
We took a four hour train Thursday morning to Besançon, France.  It is a small town in Franche-Comté, birthplace of Victor Hugo and Louis Pasteur.  Yesterday, we rented real bikes (without motors), and rode along the river and around the town.  We spent a good part of the day at the Citadel where there were many museums and a small zoo.  Keith really enjoys all the history of everywhere we go and I really enjoy travelling.

Le Doubs
Victor Hugo 
St. Jean 
Grande Rue (main street) 
La Citadelle 
Porte Rivotte, gate to the city 
Université de Besançon 

The Zoo inside the Citadelle at Besançon

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