Saturday, May 11, 2013

Camping - written by Josh, pictures by Lori

 Thursday, May 9, I went to to the Brady's and repacked all of my stuff.  Then we went in the car and drove to Kandersteg International Scouting Center.  We waited for the other scouts to get there.  We chose our campsite, used wagons to pull our equipment to the site, set up our tents and the canopy, had lunch and then had a lesson on building shelters.  Afterward I made a tripod seat and then we had foil dinners and went to bed.   

Friday, I woke up and I was soaked from head to toe from the rain.  I changed my clothes and then Mohawk(yes, that is his real name, cool)  and I made pancakes.  We cooked it on a propane stove and I was surprised how long the fuel lasted.  We had to eat in a pavilion because it was raining quite hard.  We then had a lessons on making fire without matches and first aid.  By lunch time the rain finally stopped.  We played "hunger games" the rest of the day.  

Saturday we had more pancakes for breakfast and then went on a hike to Oschienensee.  After the hike we had lunch and packed up everything and went home.  It was so much fun and the Brady's made it extra great.
Trying to dry my socks and shoes. 
Not a bad spot to camp. 
Playing hunger games. 
Warming up by the fire.
Hike to Oschiensee
Walking to the gift shop.

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