Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Third times a charm

For my birthday last year we went to Chamonix for the main purpose of going on the Aiguille du Midi.  It is Europe's highest cable car and I have been told has the greatest views of the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.  On my birthday the cable car was closed for repairs.  When we arrived in Chamonix on Saturday it was closed due to wind.  We took the cable car on Sunday and even though it looked pretty clear, by the time we got up to the top the clouds had rolled in.  I was so disappointed.   Monday when we woke up, the skies were clear and Keith and I left the kids home and literally ran to the lift.  This time we got to see most of the incredible views.

The first day we took a tour train around town in the rain.

The second day started out looking like this.

But then the clouds rolled in. 

And the top looked like this. 

After our failed attempt to see the views, we went to an amusement park with an alpine slide that was more like a roller coaster.  We bought the kids a pass that allowed them to go as many times as they could in an hour and a half.  Part way through it started raining and at one point it was hailing quite hard.  They said the hail hurt their face, but it didn't stop them.  Josh got in ten runs, Kelly nine, Dru three, and Keith two.

so wet
Even with all the rain, it was a great day.

Monday we tried again and this time it was pretty clear.

Mount Blanc

The bridge that takes you to the elevator.
The elevator is inside this massive rock and takes you to the look out point.

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