Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Countdown Begins

We finally bought our tickets to fly home.  This has begun a flood of planning and emotions.  We fly home in 70 days on July 16th.  How is it possible that nearly two years have gone by?  What about the huge list of things I was going to do the two years I was in Switzerland?  Like every other list, life gets in the way.  

The last few weeks we have had more activities than normal.  I had a few lunches with friends, which is a rare occasion.  Our family was invited to dinner with neighbor friends the last few weekends.   Kelly gave a talk in church.  I had book club and a delicious lunch at a friend's house who lives in the country.  And a week ago Saturday we spent a day in Luzern at the Transportation Museum.  This is an amazing museum that even the kids enjoyed.  We got there around 10am and were still wanting to stay by closing at 6:00pm.  We had wanted to see one last thing so even though it was five minutes to six, we ran to another building ran upstairs and saw the world's largest aerial picture of Switzerland.  Kelly was panicked and kept saying, it's six, we need to go, they will lock us in.  The rest of us figured we'd hear a warning or something before they locked the doors.  After Kelly's pleadings, I left Keith and Josh and went downstairs to leave.  The door we came in was locked so we ran to the other door just as they were locking the outside door.  The lady unlocked both doors and looked at me and said madame, what are you doing everything is closed.  Thank goodness for Kelly.

Walks with Josh

Josh and I having lunch in Thun

The Transportation Museum

The car we're having shipped over from  Germany.  I wish.
Saturday the kids wanted to stay home so Keith and I went to Neuchatel.  We rented electric bikes and spent six hours riding along the Lake of Neuchatel and exploring a few hilltop towns on the way.  It was raining at times, but the scenery was so beautiful we hardly noticed.
Street performers in Bern.  These three were so good.


  1. Lovely pictures, Dru! But I can't believe it is less then 70 days now before you fly home.....

  2. I just love getting caught up on all the beautiful pictures you've taken in Switzerland and the other places you've traveled! The Thunersee is so gorgeous--I miss being there on a boat.

    Since you went to Neuchatel, I'm wondering if you got any Neuchatel cheese while there?