Monday, May 21, 2012

Beatus-Hohlen and Harderbahn

Today we took a train to Thun and then a bus along the side of Lake Thun that I had never been to.  The beautiful bus ride alone was worth the trip.  We spent a few hours at the Beatus Caves.  The area was beautiful with waterfalls, a play area, a restaurant, and a great museum.  A tour guide took us through the caves and it was quite interesting. 

After the caves we took a bus to Interlaken.  It just happened that a parade was about to begin so we stopped and had lunch at a restaurant outside where we  could watch the parade go by.

After lunch we headed through the town to the Harderbahn Funicular.  It was a beautiful steep ride up the side of the mountain.  The views of Interlaken and the two lakes were amazing.  We hiked around for awhile and then headed home.  

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