Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Week

Tuesday, May 22, Keith and I walked around Zurich for awhile, had dinner, then headed to the airport to pick up Syd and Tim.

Wednesday, we all spent the day walking around Bern and seeing the sites.  The kids didn't come because Josh had a soccer tournament and Kelly went to a water park with some friends.   It was a little rainy but Bern is beautiful rain or shine.   It cleared up in the evening and Kelly babysat while Tim, Syd, Keith and I took a  bike ride along the river.

Thursday, I babysat while Syd and Tim spent the day in Zermatt.  Their little boy Oliver has the sweetest disposition and we are all loving him.

Friday, Kelly hung out in the evening with some friends from school.  It was the first time she had plans with kids from school and it made her happy to be getting to know them better.  Syd and Tim spent the day in Murten and Avenches.

Saturday was incredible.  We had a lot of things planned so we headed out early.  We took a train to Grindelwald and then a cable car to the top of First, a mountain past the town of Grindelwald.  After enjoying the amazing views Kelly, Syd, and Tim took a zip line down the mountain and loved it.  We grabbed some cheese and bread and had a delicious lunch at a park in Grindelwald.  Next, we took a train to Lauterbrunnen and then a bus to Trummelbach Falls.  The waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen are extra big this time of year.  Kelly and I stayed with Oliver while the others toured the falls.  We then took another cable car to Gimmelwald which is a small undeveloped town with a population of 120.  After walking through the town we took a cable car to Mürren.  When we were walking through Mürren we happened upon  a group of people standing in the street playing their Alphorns.
Seriously!  Not a bad way to end the day.
Grindelwald and First

Sunday after church we packed a lunch, took a train to Interlaken, and then a two hour boat ride across Lake Thun.

Monday was a holiday so we had another day to travel together.  We had big plans to go to a museum and spend some time in Lucern.  We started off the day with a boat ride across Lake Lucern and then a cogwheel train up to the top of Mount Rigi.  It was so incredible we stayed longer than we planned and left no time for anything else.  I had heard of Mount Rigi but had never been there before.   It is my new favorite place in all of Switzerland.  We watched the hang gliders and then had lunch at the restaurant on top.
We got home late which would have meant cold cereal for dinner but Syd and Tim were so sweet and made us a delicious dinner despite the late hour.

On a clear day you can see Germany and France from Mount Rigi.

Today, Tuesday, Syd and Tim are off to Lausanne, Montreaux, and Chateau de Chillion.  I am babysitting Oliver and I'm happy to have a day to play catch up.

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  1. Wow! I almost feel like I'm there. So beautiful!!!