Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monkey Mountain and Colmar, France

Thursday was a holiday so we decided to take Friday off and make it a long weekend.  We left Wednesday afternoon and took a train to France.  We spent all five days in the Alsace Region of France and discovered some great little towns.  

Thursday morning we took a train to Sélestat and then a bus up a hill to Monkey Mountain.  Monkey Mountain is a huge nature preserve for Barbary Macaques, an endangered animal. There are monkeys all over the place and you just hang out and feed them popcorn.  Pretty much what I do every day.  The funniest thing was all the monkeys were quite friendly to all of us and would come up and grab the popcorn out of your hand. All of us, except Kelly.  A bunch of times when Kelly would offer a monkey her popcorn they would ignore her popcorn and stare at her with this funny look and their mouth in a circle.  It was so funny, but kind of scary.  We found out later that that was the face they made when they felt threatened.  Another time we were all sitting next to this monkey and feeding it and as soon as Kelly sat down it turned the opposite direction as if it were snubbing her.  What is it about Kelly that monkey's don't like?

Josh sat next to this monkey and it was happy to take his popcorn.
But the minute Kelly sat down next to the same monkey, the monkey turned its back to her.
This was one of the youngest monkeys born within the past few weeks.
Kelly and two cute little monkeys.
The thinker
A close cousin
Josh thought if he acted like a monkey people would start to feed him.

The afternoon and evening was spent in the town of Colmar.  The town felt like a street in a Disney movie.  They had the cutest shops, colorful cartoon like buildings, beautiful parks, and amazing cathedrals.

Lunch at the park.
The kids fighting as usual.
16th century houses on Old Schädelgasse (Skull Street).
The designer of the Statue of Liberty was born near here. 
This is how Josh looks every time after he eats a gelato.
St. Martin's Church
House of Heads, because of all the tiny heads sticking out of the casings.  
Old Customs House, 1480
Quartier des Tanneurs
Little Venice

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  1. "pretty much what I do every day" HA HAHAHAAA HAAA HA!! THAT. WAS. AWESOME.

    And those monkeys are pretty amazing! How weird that they didn't like Kelly. Jealous of her lovely long hair, no doubt.

    I like that picture of Josh's gelato face- how great that Keith had to headlock him for it. :) What a fun time.