Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Malones

June 17, 2011

We drove to New Melones Reservoir, just two and a half hour drive from Keith’s parent’s home, and spent an incredible day wakeboarding with Keith’s sister Annette and her family.The day could not have been any better. The lake was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the water was refreshing but not too cold. Annette and Loren have two beautiful daughters, Anna and Kayla, and two sons that are Kelly and Josh’s ages. They all wakeboard like pros and this helped encourage Kelly and Josh to try it for the first time. Kelly got up after a few tries and Josh just about got up. I am so proud that they had the guts to try! We stayed on the lake until almost 7:00pm, stopped at a great pizza place in Sonora, CA - what a cute town, and then headed to Annette and Loren’s family cabin. They shouldn’t call it a cabin, it is more like a hotel. Twelve bedrooms, a huge family room, dining room and kitchen, and then a downstairs with a pool table, ping pong and room to spare. There are 25 of us and it is so fun to all be in the same house, yet have so much room.


  1. Have I told you, I LOVE the way you write! I'm loving catching up on all you've posted today. You have a beautiful life my dear!

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  3. And yes, that was a perfect day. And perfect weekend for that matter. I bet it already feels like a lifetime ago to you.