Monday, June 27, 2011

Neuchåtel & Moråt

We had a terrific day, roaming around with no plan.  We went to Neuchåtel. We had heard about how cool that town was from our neighbor Dan Debry,  and also Heidi Romney who had each stayed there in french language study-abroad programs. We took a boat to Moråt.. a small town with a medieval walled city in the middle, on the shore of Murten Lake.  There are three large lakes interconnected by canals, and a boat network that visits all the villages along the shore.  It was hot today, so the 90 minute boat ride was a little long.. but fun and beautiful.  We bought food at a COOP and stopped at a small park to have lunch in the shade, where we got caught in the middle of a 6th grade bicycle-club water fight -- which then evolved into a duel between Josh and Kelly.  Josh got more wet, but that happens to him a lot, whether there's a water fight, or just some water nearby.

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  1. I'm posting a comment to my own blog entry, because Keith actually wrote the earlier post, because I made him... and I disagree. It's too sappy.

    It was a great day, don't get me wrong, but here's the back story. We had to hang around the hotel room in the morning because Keith had to make some telephone calls, and the kids were driving me crazy. We finally got out, and it was so hot and humid, I felt like getting a glass of ice, which you cannot do in Switzerland. At the fountains, I told Josh not to get too wet because we were going to be on the train for a while. Ten seconds later, he was sopping wet and it made his shoes uncomfortable the rest of the day. The boat ride was fun, but there were only two places to be for the hour and a half: in the scorching hot sun, or inside where it was even hotter. The water fight was not all that cute... there was a lot more screaming than laughing. And when we got home tonight, I would have given my right arm for an ice-cold Dr. Pepper and a chance to go out to Zupa's with some of my girlfriends. Instead, I took a shower in a funky modern bathroom with no shower door, and a transparent bathroom door. Anyway, my point is this: no one writes the whole story.