Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making Friends

Yesterday, June 28th, we had a great day and yet didn't really go anywhere.  My friend Monique and her son Nelson came to the hotel where we planned our day.  Kelly went with Monique's daughter Naomi to school for the second half of the day.  After school the two girls plus another friend of Naomi's went to the grocery store and then back to one of the girl's apartments to make muffins.  I would have thought the experience of being in a school for the first time with kids that really only speak German, and then spending the next three hours with two girls that only speak a little English would be very intimidating, but Kelly had a great time.  Yeah!

While Kelly was busy, Josh, Nelson, Keith and I went to lunch and then ran through the fountains to cool off.  Afterwards Josh and I went back to Monique's house and enjoyed learning some German, playing with their chocolate lab, Hershey, ( how appropriate to have a chocolate lab in Switzerland, they should have named him Toblerone ) and exchanging magic tricks. We are so very lucky to have such good friends that have helped make this whole transition so much easier.

The picture of the building is The Swiss National Bank, where all the gold from all the very wealthy swiss people is stored.

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  1. Sounds like a great day, and so glad the kids are enjoying making new friends. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Keep the blog coming. Love to hear of your adventures.