Friday, June 24, 2011

Our first day in Switzerland

Everything was perfect! The weather was great, the free breakfast was great (except no Chocolate Croissants). We went to the train station to figure out our transportation passes, then we went to the bank to get an appointment with a banker. We saw the bear park (live bears on the river bank), walked along the Aare river, and watched a group of girls singing American songs. We looked around a few different neighborhoods where we might live. Tonight we shopped at the Westside mall, bought a hairdryer, and had dinner at the hotel. I needed some mascara, and the cheapest I could find was CHF20 (about $23.50 US). Kelly had a few pastries, Josh decided he needs an electric guitar and a ripstick, and Kelly decided she wants everything she sees.


  1. I'm just LOVING your pictures. It's soooooo beautiful there. Not so sure about the guitar, but a ripstik for Josh is a MUST!!! I'm sure he's a pro at it already. WE MISS YOU!!!!! Keep the pictures comin'.

    Love you truly!

  2. Dru, the pictures are awesome and now that I know what a ripstik is, I'm totally following your blog. Best wishes to you all and may you truly have the adventure of a lifetime that you are hoping for. Take care. Vickie Fullmer

  3. Miss, miss, miss you... but it looks amazing in Switzerland. You guys will make this such a great experience!