Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saying Good-Bye

Saying good-bye

What a week! Actually, what a month!

- We moved everything from our home, except the large pieces of furniture, into one small storage room and one small bedroom. I never could have done this without my daughter Jen who kept reminding me, if I hadn’t worn it or used it within a year - it was time to get rid of it. What a great feeling when it was all said and done to be rid of more than half of my belongings.

-We said goodbye to friends. Some we see all the time and some that it took moving to Switzerland to get reacquainted with so we could then say good-bye.

­-We finished my father’s life history of which the scanning and captioning of the pictures was my contribution. Not as quick or easy a job as one might think.

-We sold two cars, a lot of junk, and in hindsight, I kind of wish we had sold our house.

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  1. I miss you already. Maybe we will see you more now though! Our college girls want to come over next summer, did you hear?