Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back to Reality

It took me forever to get settled after our trip.  I was tired all week and it took me a whole week to just get all the wash done.  Wednesday, my friend Lori and I went to my Bishop's house in the morning to help his wife Doro clean their apartment.  They are moving to New York for a few years and I am so sad that they are leaving.  They are both incredible people and have been so wonderful.  From the day we moved in we all felt that they were concerned for our well being and willing to do anything to help. 

Thursday, I took Josh to the neurologists to have some brain scans.  It will be very interesting to find out if there is anything to be learned from their approach to his stuttering problem.  The nurses at the doctor's office did not speak any English which is kind of unusual for Switzerland.  Anyway, I am always amazed to watch Josh speak in German.  I know he knows this other language, but I don't have many opportunities to hear him speak.   He helped me fill out the forms and translated for me when I had questions.  Incredible.

Friday afternoon Kelly and I took the train out to the country where I dropped her off at her friend Lara's house.  Saturday, Keith, Josh and I took a train to Zurich and then a beautiful hour and a half boat ride across Lake Zurich.  We spent a few hours in the town of Rapperswil which was a cute little town.  Saturday night Lara spent the night at our house and it makes me so happy that Kelly has a good friend to hang out with.

Even the train station was cool.

Sunday, after church it was a beautiful day and we headed up to the Gurten.  The Gurten is the highest hill in Bern and is just a 20 minute tram and a funicular ride from our flat.  
 The skies were clear and the views were great.


  1. Everything is so green and gorgeous! I bet Warren is dying looking at your blog! What a cutie Josh is! So impressed that they are fluent now in German. I can't get over how big he looks in these pictures. You are living the dream Dru! So grateful I get to be a small part of it in this small way. Love you always!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Good luck with Josh. He is darling!!! Kelly is so big!!! Everything looks amazing!!! Love you, Cheri

  3. I love reading about your travels and side excursions! My Dad served in the town of Rapperswil over 50 years ago so it is so fun to read about it and see it--vicariously! I always thought the name "Rapperswil" was strange and funny! :)