Thursday, April 12, 2012

Florence - Day Two

Thursday we had a full day in Florence and the weather was beautiful. Florence is an amazing city. We had pastries for breakfast and then walked around for the rest of the day.  We saw the Sante Croce church, and Dante’s church and home. Then we went across the river to the Palazzo Pitti. More gelato. After a short stop back at the Albergo Scoti (our hotel), we had pizza again by the Duomo Santa Maria -- then walked through a huge street market. Kelly asked “is this why they call it the Black Market?” (because of the many Africans selling illegal counterfeit goods) More  gelato, then we saw the Santa Maria Novella Chapel, bought train tickets for Venice, and again back to the Scoti to rest. In the evening, we grabbed some sandwiches and ate them back in our hotel as we watched some old Disney movies.

Kelly finally got her Swatch Watch.

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