Monday, April 16, 2012


Josh woke up feeling much better and so we all took an excursion to Olympia. It was a very interesting archaeological site where the original Greek Olympic games were founded.  

The first Olympic Stadium

Afterwards, we had an hour in a Greek restaurant with a sampling of traditional Greek foods and an exhibition of traditional folk dances. That was a lot of fun.  

We all got to learn some Greek dances
The boat embarked again at 1:00, so it was a quick trip ashore. The afternoon was windy with rough seas. The swimming pool was sloshing over the deck which made a natural wave pool for the kids to enjoy until the ship workers closed it for safety concerns. So they soaked in the Jacuzzi instead. 

It was Gala Night at dinner, good food and fancy dress.
Before dinner Josh started limping and said he had twisted his ankle.  I ignored him because it wasn’t the first time he limped with a hurt leg and then forgot about it minutes later when there was fun to be had.  After dinner he pulled off his sock and I was shocked to see how swollen his ankle was.  Oops.  We iced it for a while and then Keith carried him horseback to the theatre for the night’s entertainment.

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