Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lucca and Pisa

It took as an hour to get to Lucca today but we just about spent the afternoon in the train station.  We left La Spezia fine but as Italian trains often do, we sat on the tracks for awhile after one of the stops.  We almost missed our connecting train and I'm sure we were quite a sight as we ran with a ton of luggage up and down the stairs.  Did I mention, I hate Italian trains.  They don't even have ramps, you have to carry your suitcases up and down the stairs.

Just outside the wall surrounding Lucca.
We are so original.

We checked into our hotel which was just steps from the train station and quite amazing given the cost.  Lucca is a town in Tuscany that has a medieval wall around it.  We walked around the town which was very cool and then took a short train ride to Pisa.  We walked around Pisa for a few hours and then took the train back to Lucca.   We had dinner in Lucca at the most amazing and authentic Italian restaurant that the hotel clerk had recommended.  It was an Easter we will never forget.

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