Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finally - on the Boat

We had breakfast at the hotel. Keith took the kids to San Marco piazza, and I stayed up in the room to finish the book I had been reading. While they were out walking, Keith and the kids saw Monique’s family who we would be joining on the cruise. Then took another 26 Euro water taxi to the Piazzale Roma and the Maritime Terminal. We were so excited to finally get to the boat and to have a place to unpack and call home for the next seven nights.  The views of Venice as we pulled out of the dock were amazing.  But as I was out on our balcony taking pictures I noticed this boat of protesters that were yelling and flipping us off.  I guess they don't want cruise ships docking in Venice, or me in Venice.  That night we had our first fancy dinner with Monique’s family. 

The Protesters

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