Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Florence - Day One

We woke up Wednesday morning to rain and another yucky breakfast at the hotel.  We got packed up and took a bus to Florence.  We found there was a bus that was quicker and cheaper to get to Florence and the bus was walking distance from our hotel.  We dragged our luggage through the rain, took an hour bus ride, and then arrived in Florence with no taxi's to be found.  Maybe bus people don't generally take taxi's.  It was a downpour and we had to walk across the street to the train station to find a taxi.  We found our hotel online and I think it had only one star.  It is the cutest little boutique hotel and it is amazing.  We dried off, took a little rest and then headed out for the afternoon.  We went to the Gallerie Dell'Accademia Museum and saw Michealangelo's David.  Walked across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and saw a bunch of other famous buildings in Florence.  

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  1. Now look at those happy smiling kids, despite the rain! You guys must be having fun all day!! Can't wait to see you, talk to you soon in Venice, we're almost on our way!